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At Good Health Dentistry, our aim is to offer a relaxing and personal dental experience.


At Good Health Dentistry, our aim is to offer a relaxing and personal dental experience.

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Dental Clinic – Orthodontist Wahroonga

When you need holistic dental treatments from a friendly dental clinic, look no further than our team. Good Health Dentistry is ideal for Wahroonga locals, with our dental clinic located nearby in Lindfield. Our dentists understand that the human body’s functions are all interconnected. Many people don’t think to associate their sleep disturbances with their breathing, or their headaches with improper holistic orthodontist treatments they may have received in the past, although these are both very common situations.

Our dental clinic has established a reputation as some of the leading dentists in the Wahroonga area thanks to this expert understanding of the body’s complete health. Our dentists use this expertise to go beyond prescribing pills or treating the problem on a surface-level: instead, we work with the jaw, teeth, facial muscles and more to heal the issue.

If you have been searching for a sleep apnoea treatment, a migraine treatment, or even dental braces in Wahroonga, Good Health Dentistry is here to assist you. Utilising a range of techniques and dental treatments including breathing techniques and adult orthodontics, we will relieve your pain in a suitable way.

Embrace confidence and oral hygiene with dental braces

Dental Braces Wahroonga

If you never smile in happy snaps due to the way your teeth look, this is a problem that needs to be fixed. Dental braces may be the right solution for you, helping you attain a straighter, more hygienic smile. Those looking for the most expert dentist Wahroonga has to offer, they need look no further than Good Health Dentistry. Our dental clinic provides a range of treatments, including teeth braces. Wahroonga locals can rest assured they will receive personalised and holistic treatment at our dental clinic, with your overall health and wellbeing always at the forefront of our minds.

Some dental clinics and dentists still use outdated processes that have been shown to cause issues like TMJ disorder and jaw misalignment. For teeth braces and dental treatment Wahroonga locals can trust, contact Good Health Dentistry.

Personalised dental treatment from your dentist can help you smile with confidence, achieve a comfortable bite, attain a more hygienic oral environment and relieve pain. Speak to us or visit our dental clinic to talk to a dentist about teeth braces.

Put an end to migraines

Migraine Treatment Wahroonga

Many of us put up with headaches, thinking that it’s just a part of our hectic, modern lifestyles. In reality, headaches can be related to teeth, jaw, and muscle pain. You could even be suffering from TMJ disorder, which is known for contributing to facial pain and temporal headaches.

To find an effective migraine treatment to relieve your symptoms, have a conversation with the team at Good Health Dentistry. Your dentist will focus on how your dental health may be contributing to your migraines in order to determine an effective migraine treatment. Whether you hold tension in your jaws, grind your teeth during your sleep or have developed TMJ disorder, our team will be able to target the pain in a holistic manner, minimising or eliminating the need for painkillers and other artificial methods of pain relief. Instead, we focus on addressing the cause of your pain, thereby providing a highly effective migraine treatment. Wahroonga locals should turn to us if they are experiencing migraine pain and related pain throughout the body, such as in the temples, neck, and head.

By achieving correct jaw alignment through myofunctional correction, orthopaedics and more, you will be able to reduce the pain you experience and improve your quality of life.

Your good night sleep specialists

Sleep Apnoea & Snoring Treatment Wahroonga

If you snore, you may be tempted to dismiss it as just one of your quirks. In reality, snoring and sleep apnoea can indicate that there is a serious issue with your airways. If left to develop, sleep apnoea can result in high blood pressure, strokes and heart disease.

Our sleep apnoea treatment and snoring treatment for Wahroonga locals uses our knowledge of the human body to find connections between your dental health and associated problems. Our dental clinic team used various methods to correct your airway and facilitate healthier breathing. This will not only improve your dental health but also your overall wellbeing in the long term.

If your children display signs of sleep apnoea, it’s especially important to seek sleep apnoea treatment, as the condition can affect a child’s development and growth. By addressing the issue at a young age, children can develop correct breathing techniques and jaw alignment.

For more information on sleep apnoea treatment and snoring treatment, visit the Good Health Dentistry dental clinic in Lindfield, just a short trip from Wahroonga. Our dentists will utilise a sophisticated understanding of dentistry to treat associated conditions.

Put an end to clicking, pain and more

TMJ Treatment Wahroonga

If you need migraine treatment in Wahroonga, your TMJ may be to blame for your pain. The health problems associated with TMJ pain are multiple, including headaches, face and jaw pain, and chewing difficulties. Popping, clicking, grinding and pain and are all symptoms of TMJ and signs of a potentially larger problem.

Speak to a dentist from Good Health Dentistry for advice and treatment. We will use our sophisticated knowledge of teeth and jaws to ease your TMJ pain and associated headaches. Our techniques include breathing normalisation, myofunctional correction, and facial orthopaedics.

By treating your inflamed TMJ, you are also able to alleviate any associated issues like migraines, facial pain, difficulty sleeping or neck pain. Our dentists thoroughly understand the connections within the human body, especially regarding the teeth, jaws and spinal column, and can therefore perform the correct adjustments to ease your TMJ pain.

Put an end to your TMJ pain and seek an effective migraine treatment. Visit our dental clinic or call Good Health Dentistry.

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