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At Good Health Dentistry, our aim is to offer a relaxing and personal dental experience.


At Good Health Dentistry, our aim is to offer a relaxing and personal dental experience.

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Dental Clinic – Orthodontist Roseville

If you’re looking for a dental clinic in Roseville that you can trust with basic and complex needs, talk to the professionals at Good Health Dentistry. We provide varied dental treatments that acknowledge the holistic nature of our bodies. Whether you require TMJ treatment in Roseville, sleep apnoea treatment, or a holistic team of Roseville dentists, we will work with you on a solution that takes into consideration the body’s reliance on all its systems for optimal health.

Our Lindfield-based clinic operates with the understanding that one’s bodily functions are deeply interrelated, with a focus on the effect oral health can have on your health – both mentally and physically. Patients who require chronic headache treatment, snoring treatment, teeth braces, or assistance with facial pain can talk to our experts. Our dental treatments for Roseville residents could be highly beneficial.

Some of the techniques we use at our practice including breathing normalisation, facial orthopaedics, and controlled orthodontics.  By seeking treatment at our dental clinic, Roseville residents will be able to enjoy a healthier smile as well as alleviation from any conditions like headaches, facial pain or snoring that were previously affecting their quality of life.

If you would like to be treated by some of the most reliable and trusted dentists in Roseville, call Good Health Dentistry today to make an appointment.

Smile with confidence

Dental Braces Roseville

Straightening your teeth through holistic orthodontics, teeth braces, and other treatments can allow you to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, as well as gain confidence. If you are looking for a professional to assist with teeth braces in the Roseville area, the Good Health Dentistry dental clinic should be your first point of contact. Our dental treatment approaches teeth straightening from a holistic viewpoint, minimising the risk of complications such as TMJ disorder or headaches which can arise when outdated holistic orthodontics methods are used. By working on your joints, jaw, and teeth, we can provide headache treatment, TMJ treatment, ensuring pain relief,greater hygiene and improved confidence.

It’s critical that when seeking dental braces, you only receive treatment from the leading Roseville orthodontics professionals, Good Health Dentistry. This is because, with improper treatment, your jaw or cranial bones can potentially be affected. Our team will holistically administer orthodontic and dental treatments, providing teeth braces for Roseville locals and improving their overall health.

If you find yourself hiding your smile, struggling to keep your teeth clean because of their improper positioning, or struggling with your occlusion (bite), our dental braces and Roseville orthodontics solutions could be ideal.

Seek relief from crippling migraines

Migraine and Headache Treatment Roseville

There is a myriad of causes for headaches in today’s hustle and bustle society, with many of us believing that chronic headaches are inevitable. Our experts believe that this does not have to be the case, instead adopting holistic techniques for headache treatment in Roseville.

Many people do not realise that poor health and functioning of their teeth, jaw and cranial bones can contribute to headaches, with the most common culprit being TMJ disorders. Our TMJ treatment and alignment solutions can also offer effective headache treatment for Roseville residents, as well as easing other related facial and jaw pain.

If you experience forehead, shoulder, neck, eye, temple or head pain, you could be suffering from a jaw or a dental-related headache. You may even be experiencing an imbalance and pain throughout the rest of your body, originating from your jaw. Improper jaw alignment could be caused as a result of previous treatments from an orthodontist or even your technique for chewing, swallowing and breathing.

For a headache treatment that doesn’t involve medication, contact Good Health Dentistry. Roseville locals can easily access our dental clinic in Lindfield to seek a holistic approach to their migraines.

Your good night’s sleep starts here

Sleep Apnoea & Snoring Treatment Roseville

Healthy breathing is critical for our overall wellbeing and has a direct relationship with our teeth, jaw and cranial structure. If you require sleep apnoea treatment or snoring treatment in the Roseville area, Good Health Dentistry will be able to assist. We can restore your airway and improve air intake in order to facilitate healthy breathing during sleep without the use of a sleep apnoea machine.

If you have been struggling with sleep apnoea, it is time to seek sleep apnoea treatment for your condition. Sleep apnoea has been shown to contribute to high blood pressure, strokes and heart disease, meaning it’s crucial to seek sleep apnoea treatment near your Roseville home as soon as you notice symptoms. If your child suffers from sleep apnoea, it is even more important to seek immediate sleep apnoea treatment, as sleep apnoea can affect a child’s growth and development.

Snoring can sometimes be seen as a harmless condition, one that simply disrupts your partner’s sleep but has no real physical effects. In reality, snoring is an indication that there is something wrong with your airway, therefore putting you at real risk of future health complications. Good Health Dentistry can help anyone seeking snoring treatment in Roseville and the surrounds, thanks to our detailed knowledge of the teeth, cranium and jaw.

Tension in your jaws?

TMJ Treatment Roseville

Your TMJ – or temporomandibular joint – can lead to a wide variety of health complications if it is not functioning properly. This includes difficulty chewing, as well as headaches and face pain. Previous treatment from an orthodontist, or your technique for breathing and swallowing, can lead to jaw problems and associated spasms and inflammation. All of this can manifest in symptoms such as disrupted sleep, neck pain, and tinnitus.

Our professional dentists in Roseville provide TMJ treatment for local residents. This dental treatment involves consulting with you, including examinations and 3D x-rays at our dental clinic. We will then determine a customised TMJ treatment plan to relieve your symptoms and adjust your TMJ.

This treatment may also encompass headache treatment, sleep apnoea treatment, and relief for other symptoms. To holistically improve your health and receive effective TMJ treatment in Roseville and the surrounds, speak to us today.

Roseville Dentist

Our Roseville dentists will do more than just give you a check-up. From TMJ treatment that frees you from pain to sleep apnoea treatment and dental implants, Roseville residents will receive the finest treatment at our dental clinic.

Our dentists begin with a consultation that identifies your needs, regardless of whether you’re coming in for a check-up or require treatment for a specific situation, such as dental braces. Our holistic approach means we utilise a variety of dental treatment techniques, including myofunctional correction, breathing normalisation, controlled orthodontics and facial orthopaedics.

Put an end to your search for a caring, reliable dentist near Roseville who prioritises your overall wellbeing by turning to Good Health Dentistry.

Dental Implants Roseville

Dental implants are an extremely popular way to restore full function and appearance to your teeth and mouth. Missing teeth can significantly affect your overall wellbeing, putting stress on adjacent teeth, causing misalignment, jawbone resorption and inefficient occlusion, not to mention the aesthetic drawbacks of having gaps in your smile.

Our dental clinic near Roseville proudly provides dental implants that help to prolong your overall jaw and mouth health, as well as improve the appearance of your smile. Our qualified Roseville dentist will advise you on the best dental implants for you, ensure the implant is as comfortable as possible, and provide you with the results you need.

Contact Good Health Dentistry for every dental health concern, including TMJ treatment, sleep apnoea treatment, teeth braces and dental implants. Roseville locals will find our Lindfield dental clinic friendly, effective, and easy to access.

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