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At Good Health Dentistry, our aim is to offer a relaxing and personal dental experience.


At Good Health Dentistry, our aim is to offer a relaxing and personal dental experience.

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Holistic Orthodontics Macquarie Park

As one of the leading holistic dentistry clinics in Sydney, Good Health Dentistry are renowned for our full suite of services including braces, dental implants, headache/migraine treatment, orthodontics, sleep apnoea, snoring, TMJ treatment and orthodontics. Macquarie Park locals wanting to not only improve their oral health but their overall wellbeing need look no further than Good Health Dentistry.

Holistic Orthodontics are a large part of the treatment process at our clinic. This includes orthodontics like dental braces and clear braces for teeth straightening, as well as specially-designed orthodontics for sleep apnoea treatment and to encourage closed mouth breathing. Regardless of why you require orthodontics, Macquarie Park residents can be sure they are in safe hands at Good Health Dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentistry Macquarie Park

Of course, dentistry goes beyond simply maintaining your oral hygiene to a healthy standard. Cosmetic dentistry is just as important for your confidence and appearance, with Good Health Dentistry offering braces, dental implants and orthodontics to enhance your smile.

Specialising in the techniques developed by Dr Weston Price, Good Health Dentistry use orthodontics to offer cosmetic dentistry to Macquarie Park locals, allowing the face to naturally develop into a beautiful shape with a wide, straight smile, healthy jaw joint and well-developed airway. For orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry that not only enhance your beauty but also improve your occlusion, breathing and overall health, Good Health Dentistry are the leading choice.

Whatever your oral healthcare needs, Macquarie Park can rely on Good Health Dentistry. Call us today on (02) 9416 8375 to make an appointment with our specialist team.

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