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At Good Health Dentistry, our aim is to offer a relaxing and personal dental experience.


At Good Health Dentistry, our aim is to offer a relaxing and personal dental experience.

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Dental Clinic – Orthodontist Killara

For a dental treatment in Killara that does more than just clean your teeth, visit the Good Health Dentistry dental clinic. Located close by in Lindfield, your Good Health dentist will provide you with a holistic dental treatment that treats dental problems as well as associated conditions throughout the body.

Are you looking for sleep apnoea treatment in Killara? Maybe you need more generalised snoring treatment, or you’re concerned about your temporomandibular joint. At our dental clinic, your health professionals can determine what connection – if any – your symptoms have with your oral health in order to provide dental treatment options that will not only treat your pain but improve your overall health.

Your dentist at Good Health Dentistry will understand that your oral health is deeply connected to your overall health. In their role, they will be able to provide dental care and options such as teeth braces, as well as advice and treatments for migraines, facial pain, and other conditions. Viewing the body as a whole, our dental clinic often solves problems and relieves symptoms that others can’t.

When you visit our dental clinic near Killara, we will consult closely with you and perform examinations in order to identify and treat your needs. Your dentist may utilise dental treatment techniques such as myofunctional correction, facial orthopaedics, and breathing normalisation in order to provide relief for you.

Healthy, happy smiles

Dental Braces Killara

Are you self-conscious about your teeth or your smile? Is it hard for you to maintain adequate oral hygiene due to the crooked positioning of your teeth? For a dental treatment Killara locals can trust, ask the team at Good Health Dentistry for advice. Our holistic orthodontic services include teeth braces, which will be personalised to your needs and provided to straighten your teeth while improving your overall health.

Some dental clinics use methods for applying teeth braces that have been shown to contribute to conditions like TMJ disorder, and our dental clinic regularly treats individuals who have had problems with teeth braces in the past. Utilising our extensive knowledge of your body as a whole, your dentist will provide tailored teeth braces for Killara locals. This ensures you can ensure a healthy, straight smile, without having to worry about a condition like TMJ disorder.

Benefits of teeth braces from Good Health Dentistry include a straighter smile, improved oral hygiene, pain relief, and greater confidence. Choose a healthier, straighter smile that’s good for your holistic health. Speak to Good Health Dentistry about teeth braces and other dental treatments.

Don’t put up with migraines!

Migraine Treatment Killara

Many people mistakenly think that migraines are simply something that they will have to live with. However, the health of their mouth and teeth may contribute to headaches, meaning effective dental treatment can also serve as a migraine treatment.

The dentists at Good Health Dentistry employ a holistic approach to determine the cause of your migraines in order to offer effective migraine treatment.For example, those who clench their jaw or grind their teeth may unknowingly be putting pressure on their jaw and mouth, contributing to headaches and facial pain. Improper orthodontist treatments in the past or even the way you chew, swallow or breathe could also cause tension in your face, leading to migraines.

Don’t put up with pain in your temples, head, neck, or related areas. Find out if your dental health is contributing to the pain and get effective migraine treatment from Good Health Dentistry.

Contact our dental clinic for a dental treatment that relieves your migraines without medication.

Sleep easy with our treatments

Sleep Apnoea & Snoring Treatment Killara

The underlying cause of your snoring or laboured sleep may be connected to your oral health. A dentist at Good Health Dentistry can offer you relief, with sleep apnoea treatment and snoring treatment in the Killara area. Examining your oral health but looking at your body as a whole, we will aim to restore your airways and eliminate bad habits like teeth grinding or mouth breathing in order to provide sleep apnoea treatment.

While it can often be a minor inconvenience, snoring often points to an underlying problem and can often be associated with sleep apnoea. Without sleep apnoea treatment, your blood pressure may suffer, while heart disease and stroke are also potential consequences.

If you experience sleep apnoea or snore, it’s critical for you to seek early snoring treatment. This is especially the case when it comes to children, who may develop a habit of breathing from their mouths, resulting in snoring or sleep apnoea. If you don’t seek sleep apnoea treatment for your child, it can result in complications with their growth and development.

When you visit a dentist in Killara, you may be able to restore normal breathing patterns and get a good night’s sleep without worry. Visit our Lindfield dental clinic for a holistic sleep apnoea treatment plan that avoids noisy machines, invasive procedures, and constant medication. If your sleep apnoea can be treated by a dentist, it can drastically improve your quality of life.

Helping you with jaw pain

TMJ Treatment Killara

Your temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, may the cause of a range of health problems, aches and pains. This includes headaches, jaw grinding and popping, and pain in your jaw or behind the eyes. If your TMJ requires attention, seeking dental treatment quickly may the difference between short term pain and longer-term symptoms.

At our dental clinic, TMJ treatment is undertaken from a holistic point of view; starting with a dental treatment plan but addressing your health as a whole. We may need to take x-rays and perform an examination in order to determine the best treatment for you and how we can help. Our dental treatment for TMJ pain may involve myofunctional correction, controlled orthodontics, breathing normalisation, or other treatments.

TMJ dental treatment can also be an effective way to address other symptoms, such as facial pain or migraines, while also contributing to your overall sleep apnoea treatment if necessary. The key to treatment all your symptoms is an understanding that your body is interconnected in nature. This is the quality that your dentist will bring to every treatment at Good Health Dentistry. Contact our dental clinic near Killara today for pain relief.

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