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Children Dentistry

Is not just about straight teeth. It is to restore the bones of the face to the natural size and shape without extractions or surgery, maxmising beauty and health and avoiding the common faults of traditional orthodontics such as snoring and sleep apnoea, headaches and migraines, and a long, flat and narrow face.

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Create a Friendly Non Threatening Enviroment For the Children

The environment is bright, colourful and spacious. Play room for the children All procedures kept as simple as possible

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Emphasis on Preventative Measures

Practice of minimal invasive dentistry. We do not see the need for expensive and complex treatment using silver crowns, performed under general anaesthesia. In most cases this is expensive over servicing. Fissure sealants placed on newly erupted permanent teeth Topical fluoride.

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Assessment of Development of Bone Growth and Crowding Teeth

Because it is much better to address crowding teeth and lack of bone development as early as possible. The aim is to achieve not just straight teeth in the long term, but also the most beautiful face, well developed airways, and healthy jaw joints, which of left untreated is the major cause of headaches and migraines.

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Assessment of Lip, Tongue and Breathing Functions

Many young children are open mouth breathers either most of the time or at least at night . This causes a low tongue posture which starts the face growing down and back resulting in a long narrow face. Our aim is to establish constant nasal breathing with lips together through exercises given in clinic time and at group breathing clinics.

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