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I have been a general dentist for over 40 years and I have come to understand how beautifully the body operates when natural forces are obeyed. I now know how much more important the balanced functioning of the hard and soft tissues of the face and mouth and neck are to the health of the whole body than any other area.

Traditional medical and dental practice does not consider this balance or how it affects the body. They just look at and treat issues separately. This is madness because they either know this information and don’t disclose it, or they are locked in their ways and don’t seek the truth.

We all have a choice of being either treated by the old methods of prescribing a drug here, and a drug there, on top of a Surgery here and an extraction of teeth there. Or we can learn to understand how everything in the body is connected and has a natural balance and work towards re-establishing it.

The problem is that the accepted ways of treating issues do not respect the functions and balance of the whole system.

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I now diagnose my patients holistically to re-establish this balance.As a dentist I can think of no greater service to my patients than this.

You can straighten teeth with extractions or surgery which commonly cause long term headaches and migraines, snoring and sleep apnoea, a long unpleasant face with forward head posture and open mouth breathing; you are dramatically affecting the health of the body as a whole. These basic functions are by far the biggest causes of illnesses.

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Being able to use the most modern research and techniques to take people out of pain and ill-health and allow them to be happy again is what we are treating towards:
  • To have the face looking beautiful
  • To have teeth nice and straight.
  • To have a nice profile with a well-placed lower jaw and high cheekbones
  • Elimination of headaches and migraines
  • For them to sleep well at night with no bathroom visits, waking refreshed
  • To have a healthy heart, to breathe well and to feel strong.
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At Good Health Dentistry, our aim is to offer a relaxing and personal dental experience. Offering our patients a range of cutting-edge techniques and treatments including Teeth Whitening, TMJ Treatment, Cosmetic Braces, Holistic Orthodontics and Sleep Apnoea Treatment.

The body has its own natural balance and beauty, because nature intended it to be that way. Why settle for less?

If the functions of the face, the nose and the mouth are not balanced – pain and illness will be the result. The earlier this is corrected the better. 75 to 80% of people in the world are suffering needlessly because we are not treating the body as a whole. Because the causes are not addressed, the percentage of people suffering is increasing. If we don’t change our ways and re-establish this balance our children will get sicker and sicker and grow up thinking that illness is the norm.


If people want continue suffering through life with all of these problems and believe what the ‘specialists’ tell you, then that’s their choice. But if people want the life they should be living, this balance needs be restored and it needs and can be restored now at any age!

Dr David Leafe, BDS, MSc

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