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The Good Health
Dentistry Mission

To acknowledge the most modern advancement in the scientific understanding of how much the health of the body is determined by the proper development of the facial bones and their balanced interaction with breathing and muscles.

We aim to put these scientific principles into effective practice so that our patients can have a life more healthy, beautiful, without pain and therefore, happier.

History Of The Practice

The practice first started in much smaller premises as a normal general practice. Starting almost as a squat it soon built up into a very busy practice. In these early years David Leafe attended many courses in early intervention orthodontics run by Skip Truitt. Then later the discipline of Chirodontics was examined as taught by Rob Walker.

This opened up the whole concept of head/body interdependence. Dentists were now becoming Physicians, not just cut and fill experts as commonly believed. This lead to the study of jaw joint pain (TMJ), and snoring and sleep apnoea. At the same time after reviewing many of the patients that had been sent off to the Holistic Orthodonticss, It was realised that the treatment had actually caused many of these problems. After trialling many facial orthopaedic/Holistic Orthodontics techniques with varying success, a highly effective complete program can now be offered encompassing facial orthopaedics, myofunctional correction, breathing normalisation and controlled orthodontics.

This treatment became highly sort after by the discerning parents, so that a much bigger premise was moved into just across the parking area at Lindfield in 2010. These bright spacious rooms are a delight to everybody.

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Why Choose Us?

At Good Health Dentistry, our aim is to offer a relaxing and personal dental experience.

  • 50+ Years of Experience
  • Member of ADPA
  • Accredited Practitioner of Rapid Smile
  • BIBH Qualified
  • No Surgery, No Forced Procedures, Only Natural Biological & Technical Treatment

The Problem Is The Accepted Ways Of Treatment Do Not Respect The Functions And Balance Of The Whole System.

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